Rodent control in Venice: now also eco-friendly!

Rodent control is a very particular type of pest control that eradicates mice and rats, known to be the most widespread pests in the world. It is a practice aimed at eliminating the risks involved in rodent colonies, which are responsible for malignant diseases in humans.
In addition to the classic methods of eliminating rats; A.A.A. Services now also uses an effective, simple and ecological tool.
The tool used is able to attract and capture all kinds of rats.
It is made with simple and resistant components and is a safe product for people and the environment as it does not use poisons or dangerous and polluting substances.

Rodent control professionals

A.A.A. Services provides a solution to the problem of mice infestation by offering professional rodent control services in Venice, which are dedicated to both indoor and outdoor areas.
Rat and mice control take place primarily in the civil sphere, extending to hotels and to typical campsites and bathing sites. Rodent control is accomplished by using attracting materials of proven effectiveness and quality, but harmless to people and pets. Or you could even use a completely new, ecological method.

Rodent control performed using efficient and effective methods.
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