Pest control in Venice

A pest control intervention aims to detect and eliminate the presence of a wide range of flying and creeping insects: ants, mosquitoes, mites and cockroaches, bugs, pigeon ticks, wasps and hornets. Depending on the specific case, A.A.A. Services draws up a targeted intervention plan that uses tailor-made techniques and treatments; More specifically, the company uses, for example, an vacuum machine for the removal of bees.
The company operates throughout the Venice Lagoon and the major islands of Murano, Burano, San Francesco Sel Deserto and Torcello.

How to remove cockroaches, wasps and other insects

Our experienced technicians specialize in hygiene and environmental sanitation. This important know-how is the result of years of hands-on experience and offers customers eco-friendly solutions by using specific products and equipment that minimize the toxicological impact. The company relies on the best brands in the sector for pest control in Venice, using water formulations that ensure effective and safe interventions. Pest control is directed at every type of insect and parasite that can be identified in different types of environments:

- Restaurants and bars
- Hotels
- Green areas
- Campsites
- Private dwellings and condominiums
- Bathing facilities
Stetoscopio con targhetta per disinfestazioni

Pesticide treatment and use of video inspections

A.A.A. Services performs pesticide-specific treatments on beams and wood, releasing specific penetrating ingredients to clean the surface, to fill every hole and to clean the air of xylophone insects. This extends the life-time of parquet, antique furniture, boats, window frames, archives and offices. In order to prevent the formation of bees and wasps (a real threat to Venice) during the spring and summer months, a video inspection can be carried out with special cameras.

We use the best technology to eliminate cockroaches and parasites.
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