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    We fight infestations of various animals without the use of toxic pesticides

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  • 20 years of professionalism and experience

    We work in the historic center of Venice, the islands and mainland

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Pest control services for hotels and guest houses

A.A.A. Services, headquartered in Venice, has over 20 years of experience in rodent control, pest control, bird removal and cleaning and gardening services. The company operates throughout the historic city center of Venice, the islands and the mainland. A.A.A. Services provides customers with a team of qualified professionals who deliver high quality work. In fact, the company's mission is to ensure full customer satisfaction, in order to create a stable and lasting relationship based on trust and mutual respect.
In addition, the company devotes special attention to searching more ecological solutions to combat insect and rat infestations by using non-toxic products.

Rodent control
Quick and effective interventions

A.A.A. Services operates throughout the province of Venice - including the main islands - in the fight against the elimination of rats. Thanks to extensive experience, strategies have been developed to reduce or even eliminate the problem. Every service is provided in collaboration with experienced staff. The company also uses the best machinery and products, also eco-friendly!
Un uomo in tuta bianca con uno strumento per disinfestazioni

Maintenance of green areas and tree felling

A.A.A. Services offers comprehensive and expert services when it comes to gardening and maintaining green areas. With particular focus on balconies, terraces and hanging gardens.
The company also offers a service for the felling of tall trees.
You won't regret choosing A.A.A. Services, and the long-term satisfaction of the entire Venetian population is guaranteed.
Una persona che cammina su un giardino spruzzando acqua con un attrezzo per giardinaggio

A team of dedicated professionals are ready to meet customers' needs.
Call +39 041 5260632
Technical Officers:
Daniele +39 348 2310312
Fabio +39 366 8967616

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