Cleaning Marble Floors in Venice

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A.A.A. Services works meticulously when it cleans marble floors and carries out special machining on various surface types. Thanks to our professional staff and the use of specialized products, the company is able to carry out any type of maintenance on horizontal surfaces.

Special treatments for floors

The company and its highly specialized staff provide treatments for all types of indoor and outdoor floors for flats, hotels and condominiums, renewing its appearance and eliminating every trace of wear. Among others, the following tasks can be performed:
Grinding down and polishing of lime and cement Venetian floors;
Grinding down and polishing of marble, granite, tiled and other floors;
Polishing and washing of parquet floors;
Specific treatments for each type of floor;
Polishing surfaces.
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Punctual cleaning and maintenance

A.A.A. Services polishes marble, granite and tiled floors using special machines that uses a very fine grain stone, removing blemishes without damaging the surface. This procedure will leave your floor polished, with the classic mirror-look and will return it to its ancient splendor. A.A.A. Services also provides basic cleaning services as well as the sanitizing of coatings.

Special machining designed to renovate the appearance of floors:
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