Elimination of bed bugs and rodent control in Venice

Due operai puliscono un pavimento con dei macchinari
A.A.A. Service has always been striving for ecological methods in addition to traditional methods in order to improve both the techniques and the quality of our interventions. Among our most advanced services, we offer the removal of bed bugs and rodent control in an eco-friendly manner.

Elimination of bed bugs

Our bed bug removal service is conducted through the use of equipment which, by means of high temperature dry saturated steam, can treat and resolve all kinds of similar problems in a very eco-friendly way.
Donna pulisce delle piastrelle con strofinaccio e spruzzino

Eco-friendly rodent control

In case of the unwanted presence of rats or other types of animals, A.A.A. Service has a simple and effective ecological rodent control service. Due to the instruments we use for these kinds of interventions, our pest control experts are able to attract and capture all kinds of rodents without the use of poisons or other harmful substances.

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