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Counter the invasion of pigeons in Venice

Through the use of professional systems, the bird removal service aims to disperse birds that typically become pests in urban environments. The removal of birds and pigeons is necessary to prevent the extensive architectural damage caused by the guano, as well as to avoid health hazards and hazards to foodstuffs. In fact, urban birds carry dangerous pathogenic agents that need to be eradicated.

Solutions for Bird Infestations

In particular, the bird removal is directed at the most common types such as doves, pigeons, sparrows, starlings and gulls, as well as crows, such as the Eurasian magpie and the Hooded crow. The removal action is deterrent in nature, taking into consideration the regulations in force in Italy that recognize the populations of wild birds as protected species. These interventions are planned and carried out according to the characteristics of the affected area and the severity of the ongoing infestation. The company intervenes at any type of facility: private dwellings and condominiums, public and private companies, industrial and commercial establishments.
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The areas of disinfestation intervention

A.A.A. Services provides bird removal services for pigeons and other birds within the perimeters of Venice as well as in the surrounding province. The necessary services can be carried out in various environments and contexts, including:
  • Public spaces including hospitals, nursing homes, schools;
  • Food supply, for farms;
  • Industry and commerce, including hotels, transport and logistics, engineering industry, manufacturing industry;
  • Private dwellings, condominiums.

Pigeons and birds will no longer be a problem with AAA Services.
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